ide-pmac lost interrupt, dma status: 8080

Looks like the tibook I’m using while the alubook is hopefully being repaired is dying. I’m not exactly sure if the problem is due the disk or the controller, surely that is even more unexpected…

The alubook will be hopefully back in shape in a while (I won’t believe till I have it back!)… Meanwhile I’m still thinking about what to get as workstation since this experience made me look for a workstation AND a newer laptop. I’m open to suggestions, right now I’m looking at a
phenom gear for the workstation and a laptop from

This looks nice for that pricetag, pity the lcd resolution is lower than the one I’m using right now (and it’s a tibook! an older than 5 years laptop!). I like durable system, possibly with a decent batter life and that aren’t too bulky… Anything you could suggest?

Sigh, I have no reason to overspend for an Apple since it now it doesn’t provide an interesting powerpc and building my own laptop out of a powerpc current design could be a too costly exercise…

For a week or more I’ll be less than present and active =/

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