Some random updates

First of all I’m eventually snapshotting a newer ffmpeg, I’ll need some help to get it play nice with all the other applications. The new ffmpeg has lots of improvements but it changes its api slightly so every application should update accordingly, time has passed so I hope upstream caught up with the change.

Once it will be unmasked I’ll hopefully put the next release of feng in portage, currently I’m studying lighttpd internals in order to

  • Have feng using the same lighttpd syntax for configuration
  • Improve its behavior as server

So far I started importing lighttpd datatypes and lemon based parser directly in a separate branch and reshaping a bit feng in order to make it more rational. First thing learnt from lighttpd: keep everything in instance variables.

In the other news my alubook got its fan broken (and the tibook is in the same sorry shape), if you know where to find replacement parts for it please tell me (bonus if they aren’t that pricey).

One thought on “Some random updates”

  1. For the Mac Parts, probably

    I used their guide to replace a harddisk on my G4. It worked really well. However, the prices are not that low…


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