ffmpeg, what’s missing?

Ok, the title is misleading on purpose, as you can see from the previous post I got some requests about ffmpeg+ppc (power, cell, plain ppc), in the case of h264 I’m afraid all the useful bits are already vectorized and the little left around will be useful but isn’t really top priority (obviously I’ll try to be on par with i386 optimizations, so weight and loop filter funcs will have their respective in altivec sooner or later). Other codecs have lots missing vectorization wise, say vp{3,5,6} family that many could like/need because of flash embedded videos, or some quick asm bits could be quite useful for our lil embedded ppcs the same way they are already useful and implemented for arm.

My plan for the next week is keep reordering code and put it back in arch specific dirs so it could be implemented in a more agile way (see what I did for the mathops or what I’m about to try for the bitstream read/write functions), hopefully I’ll complete and commit some altivec optimizations like the mdct (even if I should check if in altivec makes the difference or not), the vp idct variant or the h264 latest bits.

I’ll be unavailable for the week end, see you monday =)

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