Week 8 report on porting Gentoo packages to modern C

Hello all,
I’m here with my week 8 report on Modern C porting of Gentoo’s packages.

Testing environments are set. I now have three environments to test my
PRs on.
– GCC 13 with glibc
– Clang-16 with llvm profile
– Clang-16 with musl-llvm profile

Much of it goes to juippis who gave me the instructions for creating
custom lxc images using gentoo stage-3 tar balls. This has helped me
immensely, I can now have testing environment ready in only couple of
minutes and keep untouched clean environments at ready.

Coming to my work, it’s has remained the same, I’ve picked up various
random bugs from the tracker list and worked on them. But I’ve come to
the realization that my work isn’t just limited to c99 or c11 porting.
It’s is mix between c99 porting, using Clang-16 as the default compiler
and perhaps using lld as the system linker as well. Which of course I’m
very happy about.

Another thing that Sam brought up is that it’s always the best to inform
him whenever I’m or I’m not sending patches upstream, because it’s in
my initial proposal to send patches upstream and sometimes it’s very
important because often times the developers of the packages know better
about the codebase and can offer more in sights about what would be the
best practice.

Coming next week, I plan to work more on reducing the bug from the
tracker, mainly picking up bugs from the tracker and send patching them.

Also, work with Sam and Joonas on my already submitted patches as they
have started to review my PRs. Not to mention I’ve to take care about
sending patches upstream whenever possible, as Sam mentioned.

Till then, see ya!

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