Gentoo Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for 2023

Gentoo is excited to announce that the Gentoo Google Summer of Code has accepted a group of talented contributors to participate in this year’s program. We extend our congratulations and welcome them aboard!

Google Summer of Code is a global program that provides a unique opportunity for students and young professionals to work on open-source projects under the guidance of experienced mentors.

We received a high volume of impressive applications from individuals around the world, each demonstrating their passion and skills for open-source projects. The selection process was challenging, but we are pleased to have accepted the following four contributors:

  • Alfred Persson Forsberg – IRC Handle: catcream
  • Berin Aniesh – IRC Handle: hyperedge
  • Stepan Kulikov – IRC Handle: labbrat
  • Brahmajit Das – IRC Handle: listout

Each of the accepted contributors displayed a commitment to their chosen project, as well as an eagerness to learn and grow. We have no doubt that they will make significant contributions to their respective projects and Gentoo over the course of the program.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the applicants who took the time to apply. We were humbled by the enthusiasm and passion displayed in their applications and encourage them to continue contributing to the open-source community.

We asked the contributors to say something about themselves as part of their introduction to the Gentoo community.

  • Alfred Person Forsberg (catcream)
    • My name is Alfred and I’ve been a Gentoo user for around 2,5 years. This year I will be working on initial support for the LLVM C Library on Gentoo, with the goal of having a working terminal-based desktop and an experimental tarball for others to play with. Last year I participated in a GSoC project about getting KDE Plasma and all its dependencies working on Gentoo musl, and I gained a lot of knowledge doing it.I am currently 20 years old and studying electrical engineering,
      previously science, and mathematics. I like kinder eggs and syntax
      highlighting, and I am very happy to get the opportunity of doing this again!
  • Berin Aniesh (hyperedge)
    • My name is Berin Aniesh. I am from a small town called “Kanyakumari” in India. I have dabbled around in a few domains like mechanical and nuclear engineering before choosing software engineering. I am a generalist and I get excited about learning new stuff. I spend a lot of time writing simple scripts that help automate my workflow. I have been fascinated by computers as far as I remember. I used to play around, getting Linux installed, and deleting my mom’s files, ah fun times! I have been using Gentoo for about two years. I really like it because of the trust it puts on its user and the power it gives them. It is an honor to work with the people who make it possible.
  • Stepan Kulikov (labbrat)
    • My name is Stepan, I switched to IT a couple of years ago when I realized that a career in academia wasn’t as fulfilling (though Metallurgy sure sounds cool). Linux systems are a foundation and a passion on which I’m building my career. Apart from work, I enjoy chess and swimming, just to keep everything well-rounded.Finding out that I got accepted to GSoC was quite an ordeal since I was participating in a pub quiz at that time, and I repeated ‘WHAT?!’ about five times in a row.
  • Brahmajit Das (listout)
    • I am a student at the University of Calcutta, pursuing a master’s degree ( in computer science. I am a fan of embedded systems, Linux, and Warhammer 40K. I spend a lot of time tinkering around with various embedded development boards, Gentoo, and optimization of neovim
      config.I’m very excited about getting selected for the summer of code for
      the 2nd time and last time, also very happy that I’ll be
      contributing to an important part of Gentoo (porting Gentoo
      packages for clang 16 and c23)

If you are a Gentoo Developer please feel free to stop by the #gentoo-soc channel and say hello, and if you would like to provide your expertise to these contributors as they work with their mentors to complete their projects and contribute to Gentoo.

Congratulations once again to our accepted contributors, and welcome to the Gentoo Google Summer of Code 2023 program!

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