Daily blog 15 aug by Catcream

Today I’ve finished most of my work on the Mauikit applications and the PinePhone.

I looked over dependencies once again and fixed a final few things in the mauikit ebuilds, like USE-flags for libmpv on Clip. I then wanted to fix up my commits, and instead of just copying the finished ebuilds into a new ::kde checkout, I took the opportunity to learn efficiently rebasing with git. My goal was to get one commit per package, and I had a real mess of commits :(.

To start I broke up commits that affected multiple packages into separate commits by rebasing, resetting and then doing add+commit for each file. An example of this is a commit where I added LGPL-3 license to every package. I then had some trouble squashing all the remaining commits. But after searching a while I found out that you could just move the lines in git rebase –interactive and place all the commits you want to squash in order, very nice! It took me kind of a long time to figure all the git rebase things out, but if I was to do it again it would go extremely fast.

I also finally solved a USB bug with my PinePhone Pro so that my keyboard works. I also got levinboot (bootloader) running with megi’s prebuilt kernel, with Gentoo musl. levinboot solves a Tow boot bug where you need to put your phone into maskrom mode to charge if the battery gets emptied, so this is a lot better. Instead of a conventional /boot directory, levinboot uses hardcoded (with GUID) partitions where you write lz4 compressed payloads consisting of initramfs, kernel, dtb and a trusted firmware elf file. You also hardcode boot options and kernel arguments into the dtb. Very different from a conventional bootloader + grub but I really enjoy using it! Feels very simple and you know what the things do by not hiding them.

I tried running the FreeRDP test on my laptop but somehow it ran fine there. Tomorrow I’ll continue looking over the failing kde-apps-meta tests.

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