Daily blog 8 aug by Catcream

Today I’ve been testing various KDE applications. I’ve kept a list of applications that fail and I’ll look back at them once I’ve finished running all the test suites. I also made a simple tool for listing dependencies of meta-packages with a user-specified depth. I personally needed something like emerge –emptytree but with a –depth option when reemerging kde-apps-meta with FEATURES=test. kde-apps-meta depends on other metapackages like kdecore-meta and kdeutils-meta. So what I wanted was a way to just do “FEATURES=test emerge kde-apps-meta –emptytree –depth 2” to rebuild every KDE application with tests enabled. Currently my tool just crashes if used with depth >2, but it works for now!

Tomorrow I’ll continue with application testing, and probably start fixing some of them.

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