Week 4 Report for RISC-V Support for Gentoo Prefix

Hello everyone,
So the fourth week of Google Summer of Code has come to an end and here is my weekly report for the same.
This week we got a working prefix with Stage 3 compiling till the end. Profile for lp64d got merged as well.
Earlier I use to pull my gentoo fork for testing but as the pull request for lp64d no-multilib Profile[1] got merged, I tested with the official Gentoo repository.
Current approach is to fix the bugs locally and see how far stage 3 goes. So after the fixes we did in previous weeks there are 2 major bugs that need fix to complete stage 3.
We need to add check for scanelf​ in bootstrap script as its needed in the host for ncurses to install during stage 2.
libfl.so.6​ library is missing due to which riscv64-pc-linux-gnu-ar​ and riscv64-pc-linux-gnu-ranlib​ fails to execute.
I tried bootstrapping by fixing these issues locally and it continued till the end.
It was decided that we add support to lp64d as of now and accordingly I have added the patch to Gentoo Prefix[2], other profiles are under 17.0​ directory while RISC-V is under 20.0​, it has been fixed accordingly.
Also continued documentation on “Porting Prefix to New Architecture” and Setting up RISC-V environment for testing prefix.
In upcoming weeks I plan to continue testing with the latest packages and work on libfl.so.6​ and scanelf​ issue. Post that I will work on keywording packages with RISC-V.


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