Gnome herd needs fresh blood

Title says it all. As things are today, even though a couple of people popped up on my previous “Looking for a padawan” post none of them got actually involved, gnome herd is failing its mission. Gnome 2.28 is not getting keyworded, no migration documentation is being worked on and no stabilization list is in preparation either. As for gnome 2.30, we are closing in final release and we still don’t have 50% of compliant packages in overlay (probably even less). Since working in gentoo got a lot less fun for me, the situation isn’t going to change much in the foreseeable future.

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  1. That’s a shame. :

    I’ve been thinking of getting formally involved in Gentoo for years, and wanted to take up on your last call-to-action, but work and life has been busy.

    Talk is cheap, but it’s the only thing I have to offer for now. Hoping the situation improves come March…

  2. Well if there is anything a user with some ebuild writing and Python skills can help with, I’m game. I do have an overlay (it’s in layman and called “tante”) with some “gnome-ish” packages (like desktopcouch and gwibber) but I am not a Gentoo dev, so I don’t know if I can really help a lot.

  3. This is one of reasons why I decided to stay with KDE even after bulky KDE4 release. I wish you could find someone more enthusiastic for GNOME as well..

  4. Well, I’m still here. I actually forgot about my first post because I found a new job shortly after your search for a padawan.
    I’m not yet familiar with writing ebuilds, but from the few I’ve looked into it seems quite straight-forward and I’m willing to learn.
    So I think with some guidance I can help the Gnome project.
    Just email me.

  5. Hi, I was planning to get involved in the gnome herd, but haven’t actually contacted anyone. I’ve not done any work with gentoo before, but I have just produced a set of ebuilds for the 2.29 set of packages a learning exercise. I’d like to help out.

  6. 10 Seconds before reading the title of this post on i thought i’d like to finally see 2.28 in gentoo.

    I made a startup as web developer recently, so I couldn’t promise to have a lot of time, but I’d like to offer some.

    I love gentoo, love writing code in python and did my own ebuilds (small ones).

    If this description matches something you are looking for drop a mail please.

  7. Hi Gilles – I just wanted to know that I hear what you’re saying.

    I read your post asking for a padawan learner, and I was very tempted to get in touch with you but decided against it for now.

    I’ve been using Gentoo for years actually – since about 2004. I’ve been patching and writing ebuilds for nearly as long on mixed x86 and arm architectures.

    In about 3 months I’ll probably have some ‘free’ time to put into Gentoo / Gnome, but right now I have a msc to finish as well as contract work – both are keeping me very busy.

    I hope you’re still looking in a few months.

  8. Hey, I’ve been considering getting involved in Gentoo development a lot recently.

    I’m very familiar with writing ebuilds (had to de-eclass-ify a PHP4 ebuild from the zugaina overlay, and ended up rewriting it pretty much from scratch, plus a some work on my local overlay), I believe this can and will benefit GNOME releases. Also, I’m getting acquainted with glib (from a solid C background) and Python.

    The only problem would be… I don’t have time nor hardware (besides a GNOME 2.28 Gentoo in VirtualBox) to throughly test much of what I would write.
    If you think Gentoo GNOME would still benefit from all of the above, you’re free to sponsor and take me in as a Gentoo dev. I’ll probably do that anyway at some point.

    I’d be glad to leave my e-mail address too, but the comment form keeps on telling me my Gmail address is invalid.

  9. Hi, Gilles. I’m a student from Bulgaria and I (probably) have more free time than most of the guys who wrote here.
    I’ve been using Gentoo for 6 year now. And I’ve been writing ebuilds for some applications that aren’t in portage.

    I’d really like to see GNOME-2.28 finally marked as stable on Gentoo and I’m willing to help with the stabilization.

    You can contact me via email if you are interested.

  10. Hi Gilles, I don’t have enough time to become a dev but if it’d help anything, I could try proxymaintain a package or two from next month on … Let me know if this would help you anyhow.

  11. Hello,

    I would like to help testing.
    I have no experencie in how to solve bugs.
    I have write some ebuilds.

    The only thing is that I don’t know how to install gnome 2.30 in stable arch(AMD64).


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