Irregular update

A few words to say that even though I’ve been busy irl, gnome 2.28.2 is almost completely in tree (about 10 packages left). Also, I finally killed tracker 0.6 from the tree, it was rusty and deserved some rest. Tracker 0.7 has been added and although it’s API/ABI changed, it already is integrated to nautilus 2.28. I still have to get the totem patch for it and we will be back to what was supported with 0.6. I’ve also updated the live ebuild and I’ll make sure it stays in sync with last release.

4 thoughts on “Irregular update”

  1. Thanks for all the great work on getting gnome up-to-date in the tree.

    Just a quick question as my employer is switching to Exchange 2007…making Evolution incompatible if I stay under Gentoo. (The shared calender to arrange meetings is crucial for me)

    Is the evolution-mapi package (in gnome since 2.26) one of those 10 packages left to do? (as that is the one needed to be able to use Exchange 2007).

    I’m aware that it requires Samba 4, which is still in alpha. However people using Gentoo for work are currently stuffed when mailservers update to Exchange 2007, so it would be great if there is away to get it in somehow as I have no clue where to start with Samba.

  2. bug #262994 in bugzilla is all about adding evolution-mapi to the tree. However due to the lack of access to an exchange server and lack of man power, this is still being mostly untouched by gnome team (not counting the time we waited for libtdb iirc).

  3. I had indeed seen that bug as well as #223821. But was just wondering due to the relative importance of being able to use Exchange for many.

    Would it not be an idea to ask (in these bugs?) if someone is able to provide you with access to an exchange server if that is the key problem, as there must be companies/people very interested in getting this implemented?

    **) Note that I’m happy to test if there are ebuilds, but that is probably not a very efficient way of doing this.

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