Challenge to all users

Have you ever been thinking about how you could contribute to Gentoo? Here’s a quick and easy way. If you are using stable, take a look at your package.keywords file and file stable request bugs for all the entries there that satisfy the requirements for being marked stable. Meaning there are no open regressions in and the ebuild has been in the tree for at least a month. Even better is if you make filing these bugs a regular habit. I would imagine that most developers are running ~arch so packages that are not that actively maintained might start to fall behind in stable.

Broke java-utils-2.eclass sourcing for a couple minutes

If you see something like:

 *, line 1239:  Called qa_source '/usr/portage/eclass/java-pkg-2.eclass'                    
 *, line   37:  Called source '/usr/portage/eclass/java-pkg-2.eclass'                       
 * java-pkg-2.eclass, line   10:  Called inherit 'java-utils-2'                                       
 *, line 1239:  Called die                                                                  
 * The specific snippet of code:                                                                      
 * qa_source "$location" || die "died sourcing $location in inherit()"                                
 * The die message:                                                                                   
 * died sourcing /usr/portage/eclass/java-utils-2.eclass in inherit() 

Then it was me. It seems emerge doesn’t like if $? is set to something else than 0 after an eclass has been sourced. If you use /usr/bin/ebuild then Portage doesn’t die. I filed for this inconsistency. So because of this an eclass can’t end with some conditional like

[[ ${FOO} ]] && FOO=laa

Migrating to EAPI 2 and econf

Just a reminder to everyone that when you migrate to EAPI 2 in order to use use dependencies remember to migrate your src_compile function too or you will be running econf twice if you have a custom src_compile function. econf will first be run by the default src_configure function and then by your custom src_compile function. Hopefully we will get a QA check for this in the near future.