A2DP support in Gentoo

I now have my A2DP headset working on Gentoo. You just need to emerge the latest version of bluez-utils (3.15) and follow the instructions in http://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices I put device in pairing mode for the Connect call and kbluetooth asked me the pin and then it was ready to work. Now I am using amarok to stream music to my headset. It’s probably to start thinking about getting the 3.X series stable.

Hooks removed from Java eclasses

Here is a mail I just sent to gentoo-dev-announce and gentoo-dev


Posting to announce because people might not have been able to use the
hooks in their bashrc files because of us using them in our eclasses.
Also if you see some weirdness with Java packages this might be the
cause although the patch was extensively tested.