Java 1.6 going stable

Now that the Javadoc bug that has been holding 1.6 up has been fixed and the ebuild has been out for a month I filed At least after it’s fixed I/we don’t have to answer any more questions on how to unmask sun-jdk-1.6.

See you at FOSDEM

This year will be my third year at FOSDEM. I will be giving a short talk on recruiting in the Free Java developer room on Sunday between 15:45 and 16:10 so if you want find out what we have been doing during the last year do come and listen.

I will be around tomorrow so, if our new developers want to meet the guy who caused them grief during the long quiz reviews, try to find me. I will be posting my phone number to -core if you need help navigating in Brussels or just want to know my whereabouts.

Binary package for icedtea6

Quite a few people have reported problems building icedtea6 or needed dependencies on our IRC channel and as the build is quite resource intensive, Caster has now made binary builds for icedtea6. The package is available via layman using:

layman -a java-overlay
emerge icedtea6-bin

The binary package should also make it easier to bootstrap the from source build. The binaries are built in stable chroots so they should run for our stable users too. Please report any problems to with [java-overlay] in the subject. For amd64 users this should be the easiest way to get a 64 bit browser plugin.