Stabilisation of libreoffice-3.5

Time has come to admit that 3.4 was not a great release as whole while the 3.5 series provies much much better experience wrt building and having runtime features working.

To accomodate the need for “Best office suite TM” I plan to stabilise rather soon when I manage to polish few corner cases. If anyone wants to contribute with fixes now it would be good idea to look on the buglist.

Currently I am tracking 2 buildsystem bugs (test releated, hopefully cornercases) which I can’t reproduce (#393413, #401507). The best course of actions here is to identify the failing testcase and I will try to get me or other developers to fix the test to behave. (I really hope that soon the buildsystem stuff will be sorted out and we could execute ALL the tests in the test phase).

For the runtime the situation is way more shiny. There is just one questionable regression. Libreoffice quickstarter is yet again broken #408685. I am not exactly sure if we want to keep the feature in as it is quite often borked and I simply can’t use it at all in KDE. The only benefit it has nowdays is the lovely systemtray icon where you can launch apps. If someone would like that feature he should get in touch with us on lo mailinglist or upstream irc channel to rewrite it properly and provide just the launcher feature. The preload hacking is no longer really needed as the speedup with latest versions is really not visible.

ON Feature requests side you get almost all candies and there are not much opened bugs. There is one request asking for moving the sofficerc file to /etc/ which has valid points, but requires quite lot changes and I am too sexy^Wlazy for it.

Other feature that I plan to implement after the stabilisation is moving all the extensions to USE_EXPAND variable meaning you could select all the extensions with special useflags. If you are not exactly sure what the heck is USE_EXPAND see how xorg-drivers ebuild handles them and how you set ie. INPUT_DEVICES in make.conf. But I would like to hear first from you guys if you think you would like this change as I don’t mind providing it as normal useflags like now. The only thing it would do is make more visible what is option for the actual libreoffice and what controls just some optional extensions.

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7 Responses to Stabilisation of libreoffice-3.5

  1. mkyral says:

    Well, the quickstarter could be probably replaced by some nice plasmoid on KDE. But I did not found any.

    Personally, I’m starting LO from krunner. Type localc or lowriter is all what I need.

    • scarabeus says:

      It never worked under KDE, it was usefull only for other DE/WMs… Thats why I ask if anyone is actually using it :)

  2. Florian D. says:

    for a long time, I used libreoffice-/openoffice-bin.
    now, I compiled/installed libreoffice- and I am really surprised how much has changed so far, especially the compile-times: now, there’s not much difference to chromium ;)
    I can recommend everybody to switch from the *-bin ebuilds to libreoffice. thanks a lot!!

  3. gorkypl says:

    I have just compiled LO for the forst time since OO-2.0, and I’d also like to say ‘thank you for all the effort!’. About 1.5 h on an AMD X3 450 is a great time, I haven’t suspected it would be that fast.

    It seems to be working great, apart from the bug with menu misalignment on a multimonitor configuration – I have added more information in the bugzilla.

  4. genstorm says:

    been using 3.5.9999 for quite a while and the stability overall was impressing. last rebuild was some weeks ago and I haven’t encountered a bug since.

    • scarabeus says:

      Great to see that it works for people, lets see how fast we will get this stable :)