app-dicts stuff needs your love

If you speak some fancy language other than english, then this post is exactly for you. While I was working on updating some of the lingua packages in the cvs based on euscan reports I checked their websites to ensure the euscan reports to be correct (in some cases it might miss a bump, or report some beta files). And I hit huge problem, all of those damn pages are writen in native language (eg hungarian spell is in hungarian, dutch in dutch…) which effectively means I can’t read s**t. It might be briliant to get more contributors, but most packagers for the software are developers which just try to make the users happy and do not speak your language at all (google translate is not much help in some cases).

To the point. If you can could you look up dictionaries for your language and check for new versions (ispell/aspell/myspell/…)? If there are some just drop me mail, open new bug and CC me on it, or whatever suits your plan.

Another problem with our app-dicts team is that it is not existing. Currently it is just pva (doing his best) and nobody else did any relevant work on dictionaries since 2k8. We have old support code for openoffice-1/2 and so on. Luckily it does not break anything much, but still it is quite cruft. So if you ever considered being Gentoo contributor this might be easy area how to get involved.

And for the end we need to rework all the myspell-* language packages as they still use old openoffice infrastructure. This was shot down when oracle given all the stuff to apache foundation so all the links are dead. Job here is to search up dict/thes/whatever and set up proper homepage and download locations, maybe asking on irc channels of both projects ( libreoffice and openoffice) to see where they moved it up.

So anyone up for any of the tasks (no, I don’t want to do it because I am lazy, but I have quite lot of stuff within the libreo stuff itself)?

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  1. not this again says:

    It appears Latvian myspell(?) dictionary needs bumping As far as i can tell, the one in Portage is from 2006. Sadly I’m not sure what I can help with since even if it’s non-English it should be fairly straightforward to understand.

    • scarabeus says:

      Hmm, is also supposed to be shut down in future iirc so is there some other homepage?

      • not this again says:

        myspell for now should use the hunspell dictionaries; v0.9.5 is same as 0.9.4 just with Firefox Mobile support (or something because for some reason the explanation is most certainly not valid Latvian (wtf)). aspell is untested hackjob and despite being v0.9.3 supposedly equal to hunspell 0.9.4 (and again some broken Latvian in the explanation; what is this madness).

        • scarabeus says:

          Oh dear,
          I will try to look on it

          • not this again says:

            I believe is what you are looking for, and according to the (non-UTF-8, derp) README it’s the last myspell compatible version (why does this contradict that website?). Overall bloody mess. And as I have been told, “maintained” by students which is to say they probably got semi-forced into doing it. Figures.

          • scarabeus says:

            Ow great, now that fancy stuff is even down, I cant fetch the file as it throws 404. Lets see tomorow.

          • not this again says:

            It was certainly up when I posted the previous comment and is up right now, too. If you still get 404 maybe they have kind of IP whitelist (that would be kinda insane but I wouldn’t be much surprised at this point).

          • scarabeus says:

            Now I managed to build it.
            Added myspell-lv-0.9.4 to cvs, Please open stabilisation request in 30 days.

  2. Kornel says:

    Polish dictionaries need updating as well. The webpage is fortunately in English (though it doesn’t provide much information):

    • scarabeus says:

      I added the ispell one (i dont undestand how aspell packages work so i can’t do that one….) and the myspell one lacks thesarus and hypenation files.

  3. scytheman says:

    This seems to be a extension for libreoffice and german spelling:


  4. Anton says:

    The updated Russian dictionary (based on work, with sources) is here:
    as a start point ;-)