libreoffice and cups

Lately people complain that there is no cups useflag on libreoffice.

This in theory changed on 3.5 series where the useflag is present but only as pseudo-optional for runtime because build still requires cups.h. On runtime side it is always optional as it tries to load the lib and just disables the feature if it is not working.

I thought I would ask you guys if anyone is willing to properly ifdef the headers/code in the libreoffice so it is not required for the build either. The fix should be quite trivial as only /core/vcl/unx/generic/printer/ is referencing it.

Anyone up for this? I myself actually have printer and use the cups so I don’t have ANY motivation to do this but I can review/commit what you guys create.


Seems like Apache office is nearing to some 3.4 release. Would anyone be interested in working on that? It contain most of the build system bugs that were fixed on libreoffice so I don’t want to touch it even with a long stick, but maybe somebody would be interested enough to contribute it in Gentoo :)

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2 Responses to libreoffice and cups

  1. Dave says:

    I was one of the people who squawked when it went away, so I’d be interested in making it come back. I’m busier than hell until the end of March, so no promises in the short term (but I’ll see what I can do). I’m diddly on freenode, I’ll chat with you there in the near future about a way-ahead.

    • scarabeus says:

      It does not look like anyone else will volunteer so go ahead when you have time :)