Installing openSUSE Factory on laptop

First let me explain why openSUSE Factory and not in fact Gentoo.

Factory points:

  • + Much faster install/update
  • + Better out of the box experience – no need to fiddle with everything to get it running
  • + I can throw stuff to OBS and get it back fast as a binary when I am on battery
  • – It has more issues than Gentoo stable in some areas
  • – Unable to remove things like pulseaudio easily

Gentoo points:

  • + More stable on stable – this will change a lot in near future if everything goes right for openSUSE
  • + Faster system (matter of few percents)
  • + Possibility to remove stuff you really don’t want
  • – Compilation of everything – I update/install on battery often
  • – Smaller chance to fix anything while I am traveling as I have to compile it on the box

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