When you think you’ve seen everything…

…you get up, fire your mail client just to find:


Please take the time to read those ‘Excerpts’, they are really enlightening. Politics is so much fun.

Some facts:

  • All of them work in Paludis
  • Some of them have been vocal against how #gentoo and forums.gentoo.org are managed and its politics.
  • Using the image I posted yesterday as an avatar is one of the reasons one of them got the boot.

I wonder who is going to be next. I also wonder who ‘started’ the process. It is difficult to know, because the bug is restricted ( https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=216219 ).

Way to go Gentoo. No love for you today.

– ferdy

Doing It Wrong

I hear this image got someone a Developer Relations complain. Way to go, Gentoo. Way to go.

You are clearly doing it wrong.

(For those that aren’t aware of this rather old issue: have fun).

– ferdy

I wonder who is acting like a moron…

It is often surprising how some people can really lose control of a situation.

Take this example http://dev.gentoo.org/~ferdy/tmp/seemant-moron.log . It is actually sad having to deal with that kind of thing. I asked three times for an apology and (surprise surprise) I didn’t get one. One publicly in IRC, another one in a /query and a third one by mail.

Besides wondering who is the one acting like a moron, I really wonder why people have the feeling that Gentoo is oh so nice and friendly.

No love.

— ferdy

PS: Despite of his attitude, I still can’t be bothered with personal issues. So if he wanted me to have an issue with him, I’m thankful he failed.

Groups forgetting basic rules

Somehow big groups tend to forget basic rules, (i.e. someone from the group breaks the rule), even if the rule is one of the Top5 rules they have to follow. One common example of this is the (BTW, really easy) Keywording Policy in Gentoo. Luckily our Sparc team is very good at fighting people forgetting it 🙂

But today I’m not going to remind the Keywording Policy since surprisingly enough nobody broke it recently. I want to remind every person participating in mailing lists, usenet groups, … to read again the Netiquette. This specially applies to my LUG fellows, it’s mailling-list moderator/administrator and of course myself.

As somebody said the quality of our LUG and therefore its mailling-list only depends on our behavior. Also please consider reading Email Etiquette and the comments on top-posting. The constant breaking of this basic rules will keep valuable people out of the list and you will even force some of them to leave the LUG and cease their activity.