On “How can someone miss a meeting?”

Since Diego is deleting my comments from his moderation queue, I’ll try to give my impression of his post here. But first I’ll state my opinion on the matter.

I think the Council made a mistake (admittedly, not a big one) by missing their latest meeting. And I don’t particularly care about why it happened. Also, I don’t think they have to give either reasons or excuses, this kind of stuff might happen, and that’s all.

However, there’s one reason the Council exists: because we all voted for what today is GLEP39 (which wasn’t a GLEP by that time, as far as I recall). And said document states it clearly:

If any meeting has less than 50% attendance by council members, a new election for all places must be held within a month. The ‘one year’ is then reset from that point.

There is no point in enforcing such a rule when Council members are late even for half an hour (or even a couple of hours). But there is no enforcing here, you guys missed the meeting, rules say you have to call an election. Hell, those of you who got my vote will get it again. (And I’m quite sure that’s the situation for lots of people).

Just follow the rules that give you the power you have.

However, I find it interesting that Diego, who is a Council member, didn’t read the summary of that meeting:

Did I read summary or log the day after? Sincerely, no. I did think I was there till the end, as we were already late, and I don