When you think you’ve seen everything…

…you get up, fire your mail client just to find:


Please take the time to read those ‘Excerpts’, they are really enlightening. Politics is so much fun.

Some facts:

  • All of them work in Paludis
  • Some of them have been vocal against how #gentoo and forums.gentoo.org are managed and its politics.
  • Using the image I posted yesterday as an avatar is one of the reasons one of them got the boot.

I wonder who is going to be next. I also wonder who ‘started’ the process. It is difficult to know, because the bug is restricted ( https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=216219 ).

Way to go Gentoo. No love for you today.

– ferdy

Doing It Wrong

I hear this image got someone a Developer Relations complain. Way to go, Gentoo. Way to go.

You are clearly doing it wrong.

(For those that aren’t aware of this rather old issue: have fun).

– ferdy

From yoswink: 1st Technological days of Isla Cristina

I’m proxy-posting this to Gentoo Planet from yoswink:

During the last week, the people of Isla Cristina (a beautiful town in the Atlantic coast with probably the best beaches of all Spain) organized an event called ‘1st Technological days of Isla Cristina’. They invited me to participate and give a talk about Gentoo.

On Friday I was there explaining what makes our distribution different, what the ‘All about choice’ is and the technology behind it. I shared the day with Spanish developers of other open source projects such as OpenBSD, NetBSD and KDE.

The day organization was perfect, any more to say, it couldn’t be better. I want to thanks the people (teachers and students) from IES Mirabent, who fought to make this idea a reality in a small town of 22k people (is not so common to find this kind of event in Spain with official devs from big OSS projects even in the big cities or universities), and to the youth department of Isla Cristina for all they have done for me.

If someone want to take an example about how an event should treat a lecturer, please contact with them.

P.D: thanks to Julio Merio from NetBSD for lending me the computer (I forgot the damn Mini-DVI cable) and sorry to Antonio Larrosa from KDE, I ate some minutes of his time 🙁