Multiple git enhancements

I’ve been working on dev-util/git and git-related software for a week and today I committed the following git related packages and enhancements:

dev-util/git – An init script to use git-daemon. It is way faster than HTTP for ‘clone’ and ‘fetch’ (and thus ‘pull’). A really nice way to share repositories if you don’t have lots of bandwidth.

dev-util/stgit – Stacked GIT is a SCM on top of GIT that works a la quilt. Lets you manage a series of patches in a stack fashion.

www-apps/gitweb – Gitweb is a handy cgi script to show git repositories ‘via Web’. It uses webapp.eclass. I’ve added this one to package.mask because I think it needs a bit more testing before going to ~arch. Unmask it, test it, and send feedback please 🙂

I started using git a month ago and I’ve migrated almost all my code to git. The documentation is good enough and git’s layout is in fact very easy. Moreover, there are scripts to import both cvs and arch repositories (git-cvsimport and git-archimport). Both of them work pretty good as far as I know.

Test and enjoy them 😉