News from the front

For those that might have been wondering where was that guy speaking about imminent stabilization of gnome 2.26, well I was taking some time off (sort of). The Gnome 2.26 situation got a bit better in the last weeks as due to the production of a release media, a lot of dependencies we were waiting on are finally getting stabilized. You can still see progress on bug #263083, closer than ever !

Since I can’t stand working on Gnome 2.26 anymore and since upstream has been kind enough to drop their new almost shiny 2.28, I started doing some QA on ebuilds in overlay before allowing them to move to the tree. Over 92 ebuilds, all of which are not necessarily interesting for gnome 2.28, I’ve currently reviewed 25 and that’s with current 65% of completeness of the ebuild bumps, so there is still quite some work, and don’t expect the overlay to be safe for use just yet.

One last word on 2.26, there will be a migration guide, it’s still getting a few modifications before it all goes public with stabilization but I’m spreading the word in the hope that we won’t see any new bugs concerning what has been documented.