The road to stable

Many of you might wonder what the hell is the gnome team up to for not stabilizing gnome 2.26 yet. Well gnome 2.26.3 is finally as complete as I want it to be in tree (as of a few hours ago) and we can finally focus on writing an upgrade guide and working out a stabilization list. There are still a few rough edges, like the libsoup problem but things should be a lot smoother than earlier 2.26 revisions.

Update: There have been a few users and devs alike who asked me why is it that my status page only shows ekiga-2. The explanation is simple, since I can’t install ekiga-3, it doesn’t show up on the page. This is because of a bug which prevents me from compiling it that I should report with a solution soonish.

One thought on “The road to stable”

  1. bumpchecker doesn’t care about if you have something installed yourself or not. I suppose you have it package.masked locally due to the failures, and then that’s why it doesn’t show up. Just to clarify 🙂

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