Always looking for arch tester(s)

We always looking for new arch testers.

Simple answers to possible questions:
1) What you should do? you should test the packages on a specific architecture on a stable environment.

2)Do you use also ~arch packages? No problem, there is a way to set a stable chroot.

3)You not believe you have the skill to do it? wrong. You will be ‘trained’ to do an excellent work, so is an opportunity to ‘grow’.

What you need is: love for gentoo and time to devote.

This post is not related only for amd64; you can contribute with any architecture you are using.
To join, for amd64, feel free to contact me (via mail) and/or read
1) FAQ
2) Official Page

If you are using a different arch from amd64, contact me as well, I will guide you to the right way.

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