Repoman-check before file stable request

I already recommended, time ago, in gentoo-dev mailing list to check with repoman before file stable request. Why?

The reason is very simply; is only a waste of time try to keyword and receive a bad response from repoman because missing some other packages with stable keyword.

So, as reminder, you need to do:

ekeyword all ${your_ebuild}
repoman full

You need to have REPOMAN_DEFAULT_OPTS=”–digest y” in your make.conf or you need to run repoman manifest before repoman full.

This sample of code can be automated with a little script.

If anything goes bad, you will see the list of package needed for this stabilization.

NOTE: be careful with ekeyword because will happen bugĀ 399061.

3 thoughts on “Repoman-check before file stable request

    1. ago Post author

      you right!

      Also, you can use directly repoman full, and delete repoman manifest if you are using this option: REPOMAN_DEFAULT_OPTS=”–digest y”


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