AOO and Libreoffice standing next to each other

Well not by its intentions and goals as the situation is still not perfect in cooperation between these nice projects but as applications on our beloved Gentoo.

Today I wasted bit of my time to write wrappers in openoffice-bin package and it can be installed next to libreoffice or libreoffice-bin.

Insane how few bash lines can solve stuff :-)

	# remove soffice bin
	rm -rf "${ED}${EPREFIX}/usr/bin/soffice"

	# replace all symlinks by bash shell code in order to nicely cope with
	# libreoffice
	cd "${ED}${EPREFIX}/usr/bin/"
	for i in oo*; do
		[[ ${i} == ooffice ]] && continue

		rm ${i}
		cat >> ${i} << EOF
#!/usr/bin/env bash
pushd "${EPREFIX}/usr/lib64/openoffice/program" > /dev/null
popd > /dev/null
		chmod +x ${i}

The portage can’t handle the blockers without revbumps/rebuilds so I updated it in live/branch ebuild and with next releases (3.5 next week, 3.6 2 weeks) there won’t be any collisions and you can enjoy comparing these two suites against each other. For binary I was just too lazy so just reemerge if you want to enjoy this.

Note: the plugin install and handling is still not fully tested in situations when you have both implementations around, but the eclass was writen with it on my mind so just try it and report bugs if it does not work. Altho there is one case I didn’t test at all -> What happens when one removes one the implementations and try to reinstall the extension. It should properly register itself under the only remaining one, but still the files will be kept in /usr/lib64/IMPLEMENTATION/…/extensions/install/ and registred in user config dir. Maybe we could run this deregister on package uninstall (portage can detect those)…

Picture to replace last paragraph and to show up how nicely it works:
lo and aoo together

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One Response to AOO and Libreoffice standing next to each other

  1. Fabio Erculiani says:

    Nice! keep up with this stuff!