Slowly going nuts

Gentoo dictionaries are slowly making me loose it… I got to 31 transfered myspell dictionaries which use upstream versioning scheme and have proper homepages. It still leaves behind 15 of those I didn’t find out anywhere or didn’t sort out the complexity of availale resources (eg 3 different tarballs to fetch from 3 different sites with insane versioning).

As it takes around 1-2 hours to just figure this s*it for one mutation PLEASE if you speak any of the following crazy languages help me out by figuring it for me and sending me ebuild (enough inspiration in the tree on how to write that darn ebuild) or at least instructions how to obtain the dict/hyph/thes set. The only help that I won’t be able to use is the one that uses the as the screwed up the downloads to have fancy IDs (i think I explained that in one of my previous blags) so it is not possible to track updates nor verify that we are downloading proper file (putting the version number into the provided files is for pussies right?).

Note that the English is a bit special friend. It has various mutations and each have its special versioning and homepage, so I will have to split that one out when I have free afternoon someday.


Now for the more fun stuff. Libreoffice 3.6 is shaping up nicely and the 3.6.9999 ebuild should be safe to consume now as the 3.6.0 release is imminent (around 5th August). Try it with your unholy CFLAGS combos and report if something explode for you. There is still time to merge some build fixes. Remember that the test phase is still not fixed (I should just disable it for this release as I won’t prolly have time to fix it before 3.7) so run with FEATURES+-test if you enable those by default.

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11 Responses to Slowly going nuts

  1. yoshi314 says:

    most up-to-date myspell-pl seems to have been moved to

    one of the links under myspell-pl translates to that link.

  2. Balint Szente says:

    You can find the latest myspell-hu here:
    It is the “hu_HU-1.6.1.tar.gz” file.

    For hyphenation use this link:

    Unfortunately I could not find an official link to the thesaurus file. It seems to me, there is no official central repository for the th_hu_HU files. I think the best would be to extract the thesaurus file (or maybe the spell and hypen files too) from the official LibreOffice Hungarian language pack:
    The architecture should not matter for this case. It is the same for x86 too.

    • scarabeus says:

      Same apply for this comment as for the one bellow, I completely missed that I didn’t aprove those.

      Well let me try how it works tomorow.

  3. Paul Tobias says:

    For myspell-hu try to contact, they are the ones who are doing the majority of the work in hungarian language support.

    • scarabeus says:

      Whoops i kept your comment in queue for quite long, I totaly thought I approved it and already acted upon it.

      Ok we shall try to drop them mail and see if it works, or better i will ask someone at suse offices who is also fsf guy :-)