libreoffice progress towards 3.5

Lets start with something slightly different

Tomorow there will be 3.4.4 release.

  • It brings us less bundled stuff on gentoo side thanks to ebuild cleanup (noting noteworthy upstream on that matter).
  • Fixed qt4 build on qt-4.7 (YAY see my previous blog) and fixed build with 4.8.0
  • Lots of internal fixes I am lazy to mention

This is the last 3.4 release with upstream love. There also will be 3.4.5 after 3.5.0 release, but it is for 2012, nothing shiny will happen in this year for that branch.

Now for all awesome candies in master

I worked on nsplugin building with system libraries (xulrunner/firefox/npapi-sdk) which worked great, so now it is enabled by default and built against the system headers (note that the nsplugin was build by default even before and the useflag was quite bogus in gentoo).

The mozilla switch that many of you can see there is used for mozab and ldap backend stuff. It sadly requires INTERNAL mozilla to actually work, so I disabled it in Gentoo for now (both moz stuff and ldap) as it does not work. I am being quite skeptic about fixing it for 3.5.0 as freeze is comming around 5th Dec if my memory serves well.

The only issue I still didn’t fix is that SampleICC bundling which is quite hard to do due to patches/magic done there in DMAKE…

Yet again completely unrelated ending section

Seems like I really enjoy to jump from one topic to another…
Anyway I did add really cool game to main tree which I think you should try out.
The package is games-strategy/openxcom which is opensource implementation of UFO: Enemy Unknown (first X-Com based game). It is still alpha quality as some research is not possible, manufactures are being done, ufopedia is not working, but you already can try out shooting ufos and doing missions.
The slightly problematic part is that the game does not provide the data files so you need the orginal game. Other than that it is pretty awesome it works on linux natively instead of requiring dosbox. (So far coolest stuff is that cheating is really simple by editing rulesets in the saved game :P [pistol that decimates whole building is pretty cool :P])

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14 Responses to libreoffice progress towards 3.5

  1. Dave says:

    Is there any hope of getting a cups flag in the ebuild(s) (I currently use bin builds but not above switching). Not all my machines have printers.

    • scarabeus says:

      Well I would fix it for 3.4 if it had some future, problem is that for 3.5 it is harddep and none in upstream is interested in making it optional :(

      So I would say that we have to live with cups for now :/

      • Branko Badrljica says:

        You make it sound as if there is some viable alternative to cups.

        If so, please enlighten me and ease my pain, which is it ?

        • scarabeus says:

          Alternative for cups used to be internal printing code. This is now disabled.

          So now there is no alternative but obviously some of you guys want on/off switch to decide if you want printing or not.

          • Branko Badrljica says:

            Sorry. Didn’t mean to be rude.

            I’ve just tohught that you were implying that there is some global free alternative to cups that I don’t know about yet.

            Since cups is busting my balls on all but simplest settings, I am interested in alternatives…

  2. Andrius says:

    If I build libreoffice if nsplugin flag than I experience something very strange. If I click on html link in any KDE program, it launches not only rekonq but also libreoffice.

  3. Andrius says:

    If I build libreoffice with nsplugin flag than I experience something very strange. When I click on html link in any KDE program, not only rekonq but also libreoffice are launched.

    • scarabeus says:

      Yeah, seen that bug, but I am unable to reproduce it with 3.5 line after all those changes from last weeks.

      Could you try to update to live version and tell me if it works or not?

      • Andrius says:

        Yes, it seems to be fixed in 3.5 line, although it seems that there is no longer nsplugin USE flag in 3.5 line. I compiled it on mostly stable amd64 system with required dependencies from ~amd64. So everything is probably OK.

        • scarabeus says:

          The nsplugin is built when you enable gtk useflag.

          It is einfoed durin pkg_setup.

          So if you have -gtk then you would not have that plugin, otherwise i really fixed it YAY

  4. Andrius says:

    I have gtk useflag. So you have fixed it. Thanks.

  5. nikhatzi says:

    I updated to 3.5 yesterday, and… it just doesn’t work. I can’t scroll the pages in Writter, and the look of the program is distorted… I use kde (4.7), anyone else with the same problem?

    P.S. Thank you Tomáš for maintaining libreoffice on Gentoo. :)

    • scarabeus says:

      That’s interesting, because i run kde4.7 on the testing virtual.
      The broken interface is usually caused by the gtk3. I would suggest looking here as it might solve your issue.