libreoffice qt4 issues fixed

This week at work I got quite frustrated for libreoffice crashing so often for me when I was using them in KDE.
So I decided to do what any lazy slacker would, I went to Lubos Lunak and showed him nice and easy reproduce case.

Thanks to that Lubos wrote simple check that made the problem go away and I did backport the thingie to 3.4 branch.
So with 3.4.4 release this will be included in Gentoo (already is availible under 3.4.9999).

I am just sharing this to show that we don’t just work on new features but we really try hard to fix all those usability issues, but it ain’t always easy as we have bazilions of open bugs going back to really old times :)

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6 Responses to libreoffice qt4 issues fixed

  1. Francesco R. says:

    nice to hear, thank for working on such a big (and slow to compile) package

  2. genstorm says:

    thanks A LOT. :)

    though, I immediately tried to rebuild libreoffice for the latest changes when it failed at checking for 9 gibibytes at /tmp – imo the wrong place – is something broken? It worked 7 days ago.

    • scarabeus says:

      The check that verifies disk space and ram is now fatal and done in src_pretend, just try to cleanup that tmp to have 9gbs it needs :P

      • genstorm says:

        fine that it’s fatal, but my /tmp is on a 1GB tmpfs and since when does that matter anyway, that’s not my PORTAGE_TMPDIR ;) I thought I had finally found a convenient solution and set PORTAGE_TMPDIR to some huge space on HDD as described in here, worked splendidly last time:

        • scarabeus says:

          Great you found a bug in the check-reqs eclass and portage integration :)

          the check-req eclass do this:
          137 [[ -n ${CHECKREQS_DISK_BUILD} ]] && \
          138 check-reqs_disk \
          139 “${T}” \
          140 “${CHECKREQS_DISK_BUILD}”

          The $T is expanded by the portage to something, and it should take the override into effect.

          So go to and fill some nice bug on portage, feel free to add me or openoffice@g.o to CC.

          • genstorm says:

            finally I had the time to [start my computer] file the bug – I hope I haven’t left out any vital information. :)