portage-2.1.10 released

What’s new in sys-apps/portage-2.1.10? Here are the portage-2.1.10 release notes and news items:

  • The emerge –autounmask option is now enabled by default. The –autounmask-write option can be used to have config changes automatically  written to the appropriate files (respecting –ask and CONFIG_PROTECT). If –autounmask behavior is not desired as the default behavior, then it can be disabled by adding –autounmask=n to the EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS variable in make.conf. Refer to the emerge(1) man page for more information.
  • Improve handling of repositories/overlays for cases in which the same ebuild  is provided by multiple repositories but with different masking status, and support for repository constraints on atoms (atom::repo) in configuration  files. Refer to the portage(5) man page for more information.
  • Add emerge –rebuild-if-* options that trigger rebuilds of reverse dependencies when packages are rebuilt or updated. Related –rebuild-exclude and –rebuild-ignore options can be used to avoid rebuilds for specific packages.
  • Add emerge –reinstall-atoms, –useoldpkg-atoms, and –usepkg-exclude options  which can be used to alter selection rules for specific packages.
  • Add FEATURES=parallel-install and ebuild-locks, allowing for greater parallelization when installing packages (by using finer-grained locks). Refer to the make.conf(5) man page for more information.