portage-2.1.9 released

What’s new in sys-apps/portage-2.1.9? Here is the portage-2.1.9 section of the release notes:

  • The emerge “world” set now includes separate “selected” and “system” sets, where the “selected” set includes packages listed in /var/lib/portage/world.
  • Package set names in emerge arguments have to be prefixed with @ (exceptions: ‘world’ and ‘system’ can be used without the prefix).
  • Configuration files now support atoms with wildcards inside the category and package name parts of the atoms. See the portage(5) man page for details.
  • The functionality of the autounmask program is emulated by the new emerge –autounmask option, which outputs required configuration changes for package.accept_keywords and package.use.
  • The new emerge –exclude option allows packages to be excluded from the dependency resolution. Doing so might result in a fatal error. See the emerge(1) man page for details.
  • Per-package environment variables can be set with the new package.env configuration file in /etc/portage/. See the portage(5) man page for details.
  • Support for per-package bashrc files in /etc/portage/env. See the portage(5) man page for details.
  • The package.keywords configuration file in /etc/portage/ is now deprecated. Instead use the package.accept_keywords file which has the same format and behavior. See the portage(5) man page for details.
  • FEATURES=”fixlafiles” (enabled by default): Rewrites newly installed .la files in the same way dev-util/lafilefixer does. Note that this won’t fix your installed .la files.