ia64 binrepo added/x86 livecd started/SoC server built

Well I’m still busy doing whatever it is I do. Tim Yamin [plasmaro@gentoo] hooked me up with an account on the ia64 at OSL to get a repo going for it. So been that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing all day and filing bugs for other packages and arches as I come across them on all the other hosts.

Current package count is 7011 across all repos and by the time I wake up hopefully it will be up it will be up by another 268. Then I got whatever is in this list unstable.ia64 to get keyworded and marked stable.

I do hope to get my hands on a fast mips host here in the near future so I can get that going as well. Hoping to break the 10k mark!!

jforman hooked me up with a new vhost for the tinderbox as the .x86. part is a bit deceptive. It’s now just tinderbox.dev.gentoo.org for the master repo.

r2d2 is attempting to work with the x86 hardened binrepo directly to see if he can speed up the process of livecd creation. Added a few hundred more packages to the hardened/x86 repo for that making it the largest repo of them all.

Some point over the weekend Lance and me did a lot of work on the box that is going to be used to host most of the Google Summer of Code projects. Still got a few final touchup things todo on it, but thats mostly all just a bit of configuring services. It’s still a bit to soon to tell if they are going to need more than 1 server for everything. genone’s project might take a wee bit more space than the box we had allocated initially for this. One of the things I’d really like to see some of the money Gentoo will earn from doing this years SoC is that we pick up a nice server which can be used for future SoC events and or to host the fruitful project that come out of this years (like stats/anonsvn/anon-other or so). I do have high hopes and I’ve already picked out a pretty decent dell 2850 for about ~$4500 that I’d like to see us get that includes 12G Ram/dual dualcore xeons at 3GHZ each and about 100GB of space or so. (having a good server benefits everybody)

Cool new bug.. New QA warning – detect already stripped binaries in prepstrip (I like ELF)