Before I go to sleep

So it’s probably going to be a while before we can do drive swapping on for pitr/dustpuppy and dustpuppy is offline for till that happens so I’ve started a stable multilib hardened repo for amd64 using an chroot on pitr. hardened/amd64/multilib/
The repo is just shy of about 500 of the most common packages now.

It’s make.conf

CFLAGS=”-O2 -pipe -fforce-addr”
USE=”-nls -tcpd userlocales dlloader snmp bzip2 cli cgi session tiff jpeg png sysfs bindist boundschecking mp3 ogg vorbis png vcd mpeg xml xml2″
MAKEOPTS=”-j4 –quiet”
FEATURES=”buildpkg distclean nodoc noinfo”

Added quite a few more packages to the hardened/ppc repo. Current count there is 468

Per request I’m starting a ppc-uclibc repo. I started from a stage1-ppc-uclibc-2005.0 but am running into a few problems. First every single package wanted to install itself into a new SLOT. This was caused because no SLOT file existed in that stageball. Then while running $PORTDIR/scripts/ uclibc itself would puke saying that the old version was built with +nls and I needed to keep it enabled. Well that’s bogus because gentoo nls support is/was non exisxtant back then for uclibc. The problem seems to be that the built_with_use function when no USE= file exists returns an incorrect value.

While updating stuff I noticed that the default icon sets for apache are really ugly. I asked around and sure enough before long somebody pointed me in the right direction for some sweet eye candy.

Pushed a new portage-utils (0.1.17) the other day.

  • q: Updated stderr/stdout handling for BSD again.
  • qfile: do not abort when user passes qfile “…”
  • qimlate: New applet (Thomas Cort uses portage metadata/cache directly.
  • qmerge: bug fix. dont remove vdb entries in pretend mode.
  • qpkg: new switch -P/–pkgdir to allow user defined pkgdirs.
  • quse: new switch. -N/–name-only used to only display matching entries and not the values.

If vapier has not pushed a new pax-utils already then I’ll try to get to that in the next few days. It’s got a few updates to make life suck less.