Working in openSUSE Team

Some of you probably noticed I work at SUSE for a while. I was working on SLE maintenance and thus it was bit hidden work, not really in touch with upstream and other projects. This all changes starting this week because 1.7. I changed my post so I will be one of the few working on openSUSE.

I have high hopes for what we can achieve in the team and I really look forward on all the coding and fixing possibilities ahead. Currently I am mostly focusing on the great beach party^W^Wconference where I will be giving few talks and handle creative autootols workshop. Writing those presentations is quite task, specially for the workshop, because I am used for 90 min lectures and this one will be even 30 minutes longer and I really want to have it interesting and educational.

After this party there is even more fun ahead for me. I will be focusing my breaking skills on openSUSE:Factory trying to improve the next release so I could happily keep using it on my and my family laptops.

As an endnote please do not expect from me to magically change all the bugs you might have on openSUSE, tho I will try my best to have it working well. :-)

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  1. tampakrap says:

    άντε και στα δικά μας οι λέφτερες