Open build service client tools are fully available in Gentoo

Few days ago I finished fiddling with open build service (obs) packages in our main tree. Now when anyone wants to mess up with obs he just have to emerge dev-util/osc and have the fun with it.

What the hell is obs?

OBS is pretty cool service that allows you to specify how to build your package and its dependencies in one .spec file where you can deliver the results to multiple archs/distros and not care about how it happens (Debian, SUSE, Fedora, CentOS, Archlinux).

Primary implementation is running for SUSE and it is free to use by anyone (eg. you don’t have to build suse packages there if you don’t want to :P). It has two ways how to interact with the whole tool, one is the web application, which is really PITA and the other is the osc command line tool I finished fiddling with.

Okay so why did you do it?

Well I work at SUSE and we are free to use whatever distro we want while being able to complete our taks. I like to improve stuff I want to be able fix bugs in SLE/openSUSE while not having any chroot/virtual with the named system installed, for such task this works pretty well :-)

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3 Responses to Open build service client tools are fully available in Gentoo

  1. Anton says:

    Can you adapt it for Solaris, x86?..

    • scarabeus says:

      well I myself can’t because I don’t really work on it at all, but you can open some fate request on if you really want it.

      • Anton says:

        thanks for the reply.
        I so must addicted to portage so can’t live without it.