June sitrep

Last month was quite stuffed on updates.

We managed to get out branch 3.6 for libreoffice, which is currently in non-buildable state due to bug in the gnumake handling which means no beta ebuilds in main tree until it is resolved. David Tardon is notified about the breakage and he hopefully fix it for us at some point :-)

Another thing that kept me busy was cups-filters build system rewrite. From apple mumbo in weirdly written raw Makefiles to nice autotools build system. It is already commited in their VCS and it will be present in next release. We also made it dependency of cups 1.6 which means the printing will continue to kinda work on Gentoo. My another evil plan here is to backport this to 1.5 series configurable by some useflag.

Also today I kicked my ass and did something for the dictionaries. Updated 8 of them to new eclass and proper versioning scheme. If you are lucky then you should have better dictionaries at the place, and if not you should waste some of your time and try to update the thing yourself. I hopefully included all the dicts that users reported to me with upstreams and download locations, if not just mail me again (the same apply if you want to give me new info on some dict).

And for last I took over managing Czech translations of XBMC on transifex and spent quite few hours fixing all the strings to match KDE translation memory. And this probably does bother like 0.001% of the Gentoo userbase…

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One Response to June sitrep

  1. nitro322 says:

    but that .001% undoubtedly appreciates it. Thanks for your continued work on this stuff.