Libreoffice 3.4.3 stabilisation

Few minutes ago I opened bugreport.

If you feel bored or adventurous try the list from the bugreport and hit it on your stable machine. Everything should work, even better than 3.3 release.

There are few known issues. One being broken pyuno bridge which I really dunno how to fix (i attached some preliminary patch to the bugreport but someone would have to report if it is working or not). Second is issue with rtl text using Qt backed.

Note that if you experience crashes with “kde” useflag try to enabling just gtk one and forgetting about Qt4 one. It causes quite few known crashes, so for now it might be way safer to just use the gtk one (I have to say that those crashes started mostly to pop out on qt-4.7 so if you use qt-4.6 you are pretty safe).

In the end remember to report success and failures with the testing on the bug itself.

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One Response to Libreoffice 3.4.3 stabilisation

  1. Toralf Förster says:

    Yep – after I switched to qt-4.7 I experienced more often crashes than under 4.6 (which worked pretty so far.)