libreoffice-3.5 testers needed

The planned release for libreoffice-3.5 is at February 3rd but we are preparing in gentoo right now.
I am testing up system dependencies, removing crufty addons from the ebuild and updating upstream to fit more our needs.
With all this I require some sort of assistance.

Wait you ask us to build live version of huge package like libreoffice?

Yeah I know it might sound a bit insane, but it takes just two times more than chromium, to prove my point:

     Thu Sep  1 21:24:22 2011 >>> www-client/chromium-14.0.835.124
       merge time: 21 minutes and 56 seconds.
     Tue Sep  6 16:44:02 2011 >>> app-office/libreoffice-
       merge time: 48 minutes and 9 seconds.

Problems with building this thing are more related to disk space and ram usage. You need at least 1 Gig of ram and 10 GB of disk space for normal build and 15 GB for the build with debug symbols.

Okay I think I have few spare CPU cycles, so what I can do?

Eeexcelent, We need multiple things checked I will try to list them and describe.

Check addons

In the ebuild starting on line 50 in the ebuild we have list of packages that are ALWAYS fetched before we compile the beast.
Problem is that quite few of them are not used and only way how to check this is to remove them from $DISTDIR and trying to compile the thing again. If one gets errors it should be moved to REALLY_REQUIRED section, otherwise removed.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Check if we build with all possible packages as system ones

This is even easier, in configure stage we grep for everything what reports “internal” (easy grep). Then we check for ADDONS and think if
the package that we call “addon” should not actually be rather used as system lib, if so, we open bugreport or patch and again open bugreport with the provided patch.

Check which extensions to build by default

List extensions that are not enabled by default:

grep enable-ext | sort | uniq -c | sort

Then just try to enable them and if they need something to download add such package to ADDONS.
We should for starters enable just the easy ones, describing why some extension can’t be enabled by default (eg. crazy new deps) are also welcome.

Run the build from time to time and report failures on mailinglist or on irc

We try to make master buildable at all times but for some configurations we might miss issues. This way if you try to compile the live version from time to time and report failures we will avoid the issues that 3.4.0 had and have nice and buildable .0 release.

This is probably the easiest task, as it just requires CPU time and some ability to post to mailinglist or irc :)
Irc channels are #gentoo-office or #libreoffice-dev based on what you like more.

Mandatory screenshot

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5 Responses to libreoffice-3.5 testers needed

  1. Myk Taylor says:

    would this be the libreoffice-3.4.9999-r1 ebuild or the libreoffice-9999-r1 ebuild that needs testing?

    • scarabeus says:

      3.4.9999 = live ebuild for 3.4 branch, future 3.4.4

      9999 = live ebuild for master branch, future 3.5

  2. vav says:

    #gentoo-office @freenode seems to be abandoned, but I see you are on #libreoffice-dev. Once I have some better information to post I’ll check in there. (Checking some build failures with hardened ~amd64.)

    • scarabeus says:

      Not sure why you think so, but currently on #gentoo-office there are 12 guys :) So not really abandoned :)

  3. vav says:

    Doh! Must have typed #gentoo-ooffice or some other mistake. Good to know. I will be happier talking ebuilds in a gentoo channel.