Sitrep: SNAFU

Lately I’ve been a bit quiet but not dead as you could see from my commit count. So lets take look on what I am up to.


The eclass cleanup is shaping quite well. Soon we will have git-2 eclass that support bare checkouts and submodules, but only if nothing gets into my way (somebody is stealing my free time for sure). The major benefit of git-2 is only for ebuild writers because it is much more logically separated into individual functions and provides nice debug informations.

With the 4.6.2 release your hal-free future is even closer to you in stable, because we will most probably have to stabilise that version.


You might probably wonder where your 1.10 xorg-server is. Suprise, it is hiding itself in the overlay because 1.9.5 is quite solid in comparsion. We will add 1.10.1 to main tree.

There was nice eclass update that lets us write really smaller video drivers ebuilds because most logic moved to it. Same goes for the documentation handling. So in result ebuilds are smaller and nicer.


I’ve added media-video/libav ebuild, which is fork of good old ffmpeg. In order to let you users decide what you want to use there also is virtual package called virtual/ffmpeg (which is now being integrated into ebuilds and updated back to versioned virtuals [currently there is just one virtual/ffmpeg with no version specified]) so when everything is migrated to it you can decide yourself if you want the old ffmpeg or the new libav.

The media-video/mplayer2 was added by Luca (lu_zero), but I removed the internal ffmpeg linking since this thing can link to your system ffmpeg (yay!). This change can make quite few of you unhappy because the internal ffmpeg was already ffmpeg-mt (threads!!!!), but technicaly with external linking you can just alter your ffmpeg to be whatever you want it and use the threading features in all apps linking against it. Given that I already like and use mplayer2 and I was the guy who did most snapshot bumps in mplayer1 lately it might be good idea for you lads (at least those in testing) to move with me :)


I will be giving talk on OSCon/LinuxExpo in Prague on 19.4.2011. So if you are czech and interested just read up on the link and attend.

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6 Responses to Sitrep: SNAFU

  1. Jason says:

    When’s garbage like this gonna go away and work proper for libav mplayer2 people:

    * Error: The above package list contains packages which cannot be
    * installed at the same time on the same system.

    (media-video/ffmpeg-0.6_p28715::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    >=media-video/ffmpeg-0.4.9_p20070616 required by (media-libs/libquicktime-1.2.2::gentoo, installed)
    media-video/ffmpeg required by (media-sound/picard-0.12.1-r1::gentoo, installed)
    >=media-video/ffmpeg-0.4.9_p20090201 required by (media-video/vlc-1.1.8::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge)
    (and 3 more)

    (media-video/mplayer2-2.0::gentoo, installed) pulled in by
    media-video/mplayer2 required by @selected

    (media-video/mplayer-1.0_rc4_p20110322::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    media-video/mplayer required by (kde-base/mplayerthumbs-4.6.1::gentoo, installed)
    media-video/mplayer[ass,png] required by (media-video/smplayer-0.6.9::gentoo, installed)

    (media-video/libav-0.7_pre20110327::gentoo, installed) pulled in by
    media-video/libav[X,encode,mp3,sdl,theora,threads,-vaapi,vdpau,x264] required by (virtual/ffmpeg-0::gentoo, installed)
    media-video/libav required by @selected


    emerge: there are no ebuilds built with USE flags to satisfy “>=media-video/ffmpeg-0.6_p25767[threads]”.
    !!! One of the following packages is required to complete your request:
    – media-video/ffmpeg-0.6_p28715 (Change USE: +threads)
    (dependency required by “www-client/chromium-12.0.712.0” [installed])
    (dependency required by “@selected” [set])
    (dependency required by “@world” [argument])

    • scarabeus says:

      For the first one the issue is that mplayer2 is build with symlink useflag, just set -symlink there and they can coexist.
      The later is just normal error that it needs your useflags on ffmpeg to be sattisfied and equal to virtual/ffmpeg

      • Xake says:

        Then of course we have the fact that some (most?) applications (like gnome-mplayer) seems to work fine using mplayer2, so maybe look into a virtual/mplayer or a lot of “||(mplayer mplayer2)” in ebuilds?

  2. Samuel BAUER says:

    I need to have opencv set – up on my system, I think this is the only really blocking ebuild (at least for me).

    Is there a way to compile opencv using libav instead of ffmpeg ?