New eshowkw script released into the wild

Wtf is this crap?

Did you ever wanted to see what keywords some package has and what overlays it is availible for you?
If you answered yes “this crap” is exactly the tool you’ve been looking for.

Idea for this tool is taken from old bash eshowkw script written by Ciaran McCreesh so kudos to him for that.

How does it work?

There are 2 ways how you can execute this script:

  • eshowkw mypackage *
  • equery keywords mypackage

* You can also run bare eshowkw in folder with ebuilds to get their info.

For more options just add there –help argument, there is seriously lots of shiny to do with it :)

How shiny is the output?

A lot:

Ok you got my attention, so where I can find it?

Oh well this is bit magical. Old eshowkw is located in app-portage/gentoolkit-dev, but new one is in app-portage/gentoolkit.
So lets get new gentoolkit, required version is to be at least 0.3.0_rc11, yeah I know it is testing :).

I know python and I want to improve something!

Great I really look forward to see your patches comming in. But wait I almost forgot to give you link to sourcecode.

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2 Responses to New eshowkw script released into the wild

  1. Dion Moult says:

    Very, very sexy. Find a way to break the laws of possible terminal output physics, magically rotate letters on the top axis -90 degrees and it’ll be perfect :)

  2. Quincunx74 says:

    OR rotate about -45:

            a 4
          h 6
        p d
      l m
    a a