Registrations, Accommodation, oh and CFP again

Gentoo Miniconf, openSUSE Conference, LinuxDays, SUSE Labs: All of those will take place in the Czech Technical University in the beautiful city of Prague, 20-21 October (the openSUSE conference will have two extra days, 20-23 October). But I’m sure you already know that info, and you are planning to book tickets and accommodation soon, so read on!


Hotel Krystal was selected as the conference hotel. It’s situated near the conference venue, it can accommodate many people, and it’s easy to find. All the information you need is in linuxdays accommodation page. In there you will find the prices, reservation instructions, the map of the area and public transportation instructions.


You can and you should register for attending LinuxDays and other conferences. Although registration is optional, it will help us estimate number of people coming and will get you some benefits as well. There is only one registration for all conferences and you can register for free but there are also other registration options that will let you support conferences financially. Register NOW!

Call for Papers

Just a reminder that Call for Papers for the Gentoo Miniconf is still open! (Don’t forget to check about the Call for Papers for the openSUSE conference as well. CfP for Linuxdays has ended). I’d like to remind you that the organizing committee would prefer to see more workshops than talks, where the crowd can also participate along with the speaker. The workshop may require some preparation from the people in order to participate, which is something that I can promote, in order to make sure that every participant will be ready. Random ideas:

  • Ebuild development / bug triangling: Compile a list of tasks, and start solving them with the people (in specific areas, eg KDE, Python, Ruby, Prefix)
  • Present your cool Gentoo based project/application (I know there are plenty of users working on awesome stuff out there)
  • Development/bugfixing on a portage tool
  • Development/bugfixing on a Gentoo webapp

All your ideas are welcome of course. If you are in doubt about the topic, feel free to contact me and I’ll help you with my ideas to make your proposal sound cool. Submit your proposal NOW!


PS We need a volunteer to create a nice banner “I am going to Bootstrapping Awesome!” so that people can put it in their blogs/websites.