Volunteers wanted

The Miniconf needs people from our wonderful community.

  • Graphics designers wanted, to create banners, a Gentoo Miniconf dedicated poster, even some fancy webpage to replace the current miniconf.gentoo.org
  • Help needed to help with Call for Papers
  • In the future (close to the days of the conference) more volunteers will be asked to help on-site, with our room, the booth etc

I will try to update the list with more tasks (and more concrete ones) in the future, in the miniconf webspace. In case you are interested in doing something, please send me a mail in tampakrap@gentoo.org. Stay tuned!

Call for Papers is now open

This will be a great opportunity to meet each other and hack together! There is going to be numerous conferences in Prague this fall (October 20-21) and we are going to have Gentoo Miniconf as a part of it. This means that we are going to have a room just for ourselves to manage, discuss, do presentations, workshops, ebuild hacking, and anything else we want. We will have some local and some international visitors from co-hosted conferences also, and there will be plenty of talks to visit even if you are a Gentoo expert already 🙂

From today, Call for Papers is also open. This means you can send in session proposals!
Hope to see you all in Prague in October!!!

Announcing Gentoo Miniconf

Gentoo Miniconf 2012 (the first ever!) will be held in Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, during the weekend from October 20 to October 21. The Miniconf will be joined by no less than three other events! The local LinuxDays, a newly created event to replace the largest Czech Free Software event, the 4th annual openSUSE Conference and the 14th SUSE Labs conference. Having so many projects and people in one place, an environment full of fun and creativity, a place where ideas become reality and new friends are made, will be created! You can check out all the other co-hosted events from our common landing page and make some new friends 😉

The Miniconf conference will take place at the Czech Technical University, which runs Gentoo on all its servers and desktop machines! For more information about the venue, check the website of LinuxDays conference. Hope to see you all in Prague in October!!

The theme of the conference is Bootstrapping Awesome! It has a special meaning for each of the four conferences that are going to be co-hosted. It’s the first time that the openSUSE conference will be held in another city (previous ones have all been held in Nurnberg), but it also means the ‘bootstrapping’ for our Gentoo Miniconf and the LinuxDays Conference!