Git on

as you may have seen we are adding the first git based overlays to The overlays team is pleased to give to you the kde and dberkholz overlay. Finally this is done and you can get for example the kde git overlay with highly EXPERIMENTAL kde4 eclasses and ebuilds this way:

layman -a kde

However git support is not complete yet: we still need a trac that can browse the git overlays and possibly a gitweb interface for browsing w/o trac. We are waiting for the infra team to do an update of trac together with jokey which will most likely not be done soon because ramereth is currently away.

Another point is that the project founder, stuart recently left Gentoo. Now we are currently only 2 people to manage all user add and group add or password reset requests. Luckily we have found a 3rd new person to support us: beu. We are trying for some weeks now to get a proper account from the infrastructure team so that he can help with implementing git support and administration.

We are still waiting for infra, and waiting and waiting … wish us luck