Kde-file-selector for firefox, gimp and others

I have been forced to use the gtk-file-selector in gnome apps like firefox and gimp for some time now. In my opinion it is a lot slower to work with because you need that special [CTRL]+L command to open a window where you can actually type something. Also it does not offer completion or a drop-down-menu, and clicking the way out is also silly because it requires many clicks.

gnome file selector

Now finally I have found a solution for this problem! Kgtk allows to use the kde-file-selector in Gtk-applications. It features:
– a dropdown directory-selection,
– where you can type the path yourself aided by completion
– a text box to select the file by typing it
– in my opinion it also has a better design

kde file selector

To install it just emerge -va kgtk and follow the setup steps in the postinstall einfo. I have been trying it out with firefox and gimp, works really good so far. One downside it has: It will only run with kded, so sadly only kde-users be able to try this out.