Gentoo branding on applications!?

My fellow users,

lately, some of us have been discussing about the needs of a common Gentoo branding on some applications (i.e. KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice,…). Currently, every application has either no branding at all or its own branding theme.

In an initial step towards a unified Gentoo branding for applications, we need to solve some technical details, with the help of our fellow users, with your help.

The first issue, my fellow users, is to decide whether you want such branding on your applications and if you would like it to be installed by default or not. Please, be so kind to review the following forums thread, give your opinion and post your feedback: Forums Thread #529836.

Additionally, if you are a KDE user, be so kind to review bug #157519, test it, give your opinion, provide your own content, etc.

Thanks for your time. By the way, the previous bug counts towards Gentoo Bugday.