Oops, I did it again

You may have read about when I first dislocated my knee cap (here). Well, I’ve managed to do it again.

There was a big “winter storm” that came through St. Louis last night. There’s snow and ice all over the damn place. Well, I drive a 2003 Chevy S-10, which unfortunately, is rear-wheel drive. That means that it has absolutely horrible traction on anything the least bit slippery.

Anyway, my truck got stuck trying to pull into a parking spot at my apartment. My wife was in the driver’s seat, and some helpful people and I were pushing the back of the truck. The truck finally gave and surged forward. I slipped and my knee went sideways. The knee cap popped out of place and then immediately back in.

It hurts a hell of a lot less than the first time I did it. I guess I already did most of the damage to the surrounding tissue the first time. I can still walk on it somewhat, which is definitely a good thing. At least I have two and a half days before I have to go back to work (my work was closed today due to the snow).