%@#^&! My knee!

Over the weekend, I managed to dislocate my left knee. Needless to say, it hurt like hell. I managed to pop it back into place right after it happened, but it’s swollen and I can’t put much pressure on it. It’s currently in an immobilizing brace pending a visit to an orthopedist.

The story of how it happened is slightly humorous (even to me). There have been some pine cones in the bed of my truck for about a week. They’ve been rolling around back there making all kinds of noise, which has been getting on my nerves. I decided to climb into the bed and toss them out. I put my left foot up on the tailgate (which I always do). I started to push myself up using my leg and my right arm, and then I was on the ground. I’m still not sure whether I fell and twisted with my foot still planted firmly on the tailgate, which caused my knee to dislocate, or if my knee dislocated by itself, which is what caused me to fall. I blame the pine cones.

I do have a request. If you are going to make jokes at my expense, please include me in on them, because I can always use a good laugh 😉

UPDATE: I’ve got an appointment for the orthopedist tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10:30 AM. He’ll probably just tell me to keep wearing the brace until the swelling goes down and happily take my money. Such is life…