Finding out what life offline is like

Off for holidays – nearly four weeks without more than an internet cafe now and then (Philippines). Really recommendable when you’ve been watching a computer screen for more than a year without significant interruptions.

Please don’t break my packages while I am away (well, at least not more than they already are).

Hello World

I always wondered what makes people write blogs, and I haven’t found out yet. But if there’s something Gentoo specific, I just have to check.

I wish I had discovered Gentoo a few years earlier, when I had more time (as a single student) than today (as full-time employed with something you could call a life). Contributing to such a large project can be really rewarding, and considering the time I spent in MUDs and on IRC or reading newsgroups back then it really feels like wasted time.

Why just have fun when you can also do something useful and still have fun?