Modular X on amd64 and xgl

I’ve just finished migrating from 6.8.2 to Modular X 7.0, and everything built like it should. nvidia binary drivers even work as well. Kudos to the x11 team for the hard work. (Migrating to Modular X HOWTO)

After making sure X and GL were working properly, I started to build xgl. Here’s how I did it:

# wget
# cvs login
(press Enter for password)
# cvs co glitz glitzinfo
# pushd glitz
# ./ --prefix=/opt/fdo/
# make
# make install
# popd
# pushd glitzinfo
# PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/fdo/lib/pkgconfig/ make -f Makefile.glx
# LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/fdo/lib/ ./glitzinfo
# popd

At this point, glitzinfo should have told you a bunch of information about available features and formats. You’ll have poor performance if you don’t have the following:

texture rectangle
texture border clamp
texture environment combine

Now it’s time to build the xgl server.

# tar -xjvf xgl-svn_100.tar.bz2
# cd Xserver-6.6.1/
# PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/opt/fdo/lib/pkgconfig/" ./configure --disable-kdriveserver --enable-glx --enable-xglserver --prefix=/opt/fdo
# make
# make install
# cd /usr/bin
# rm X && ln -s /opt/fdo/bin/Xgl X

At this point you can now start X. I use

$ startxfce4

The server seems to be somewhat unstable, but that may be because I’m trying to run 2 displays on one video card. YMMV

To go back to the original X server,

# cd /usr/bin/
# rm X && ln -s Xorg X

I’ll find out on Tuesday if I can have multiple 3D displays when my new video cards arrive.

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