Hello GSoC 2016 !

I’m very glad that I’m accepted by Gentoo as a participant of Google Summer of Code this year. During this summer, I’ll be working on building a clang-based toolchain for Gentoo.

Clang is a modern C/C++ compiler developed by LLVM, famous for its modular design and non-intrusive license. The ideal result of this project is to provide a Gentoo profile, where clang is the default compiler in place of gcc.

As clang is written in C++, it needs a C++ runtime to work, which are basically a C standard library, a C++ standard library, a C++ ABI library and a stack unwinder. On a typical Linux host, glibc and libstdc++ are the de facto C and C++ standard libraries respectively. The functionality of C++ ABI library is also integrated in libstdc++; the stack unwinder is implemented in libgcc.

libstdc++ and libgcc are both parts of GCC, which won’t be available when we deploy clang as the default compiler. Luckily, besides clang, LLVM also developed a complete implementation of the C++ runtime, consisting of three libraries: libc++, libc++abi and libunwind. Unlike GCC, the C++ ABI library is implemented separately. To decouple our toolchain further from the GNU toolset, we’ll use musl as the libc.

Sum it up

In this project, we’ll build a toolchain with clang as the compiler, musl as libc and a C++ runtime composed of libc++, libc++abi and libunwind. If everything goes smoothly, this setup will be offered as a Gentoo profile; users who like the neat features of clang thus have the chance to say goodbye to GCC 🙂

I’ll update this blog regularly to reflect my most recent progress and share technical stuff that might be helpful to others. Stay tuned !